NNTP/News Cookbook

Newsgroup management

Add groups

This will create a non-moderated ("y") group. Moderated groups are created witn "m" flag.

/usr/libexec/news/ctlinnd newgroup myusenet.news.notifications y admin

After that check if your group were added with the command explained in Section [List groups].

List groups

List groups

Check newsgroups and messages with:


| /usr/libexec/news/getlist


In some systems, `getlist' would not work and the port and host must be provided. The default value of host is to use the `server' value in `inn.conf', or to use the NNTPSERVER environment variable. The host configured in those values may not resolve to an IP. In this case, is preferable to change the `pathhost' and `server' values to the domain name of the server, or to add the server name to `/etc/hosts' Nevertheless, `getlist' can be executed with the following parameters to specify the server IP address and port:


| /usr/libexec/news/getlist -h -p 119


User management

The users and password are checked by `ckpasswd' as specified in `/etc/news/readers.conf'. Usually, the `ckpasswd' progra use the file `/var/lib/news/newsusers' as parameter. This file has a simple format. Each line use the following syntax: `USERNAME:HASHED-PASSWORD'.

Add users

The Apache `htpasswd' program can be used to generate and update the newsuser file.

htpasswd -d /var/lib/newsusers USERNAME

Ensure the `-d' parameter is specified, because it indicates to use the crypt encryption for passwords. Password is requested if not provided as parameter.