Fonts in Emacs

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List of some interesting fonts with notes.

Monospaced fonts


Support for:

Roboto Mono


Proportional fonts

Fira Code

Sacha Chua's handwritting (sachacHand)

Latin Modern Roman

The \LaTeX font!

Almost monospaced fonts



Fonts in Emacs can be changed by setting the default font.

(set-face-attribute 'default nil :font "Hack" :height 110)

Org-mode tips

Titles with more height and weight

(set-face-attribute 'org-level-1 nil
                    :height (* nano-font-size 14)
                    :weight 'bold)
(set-face-attribute 'org-level-2 nil
                    :height (* nano-font-size 12)
                    :weight 'medium)
(set-face-attribute 'org-level-3 nil
                    :height (* nano-font-size 10))
(set-face-attribute 'org-tag nil
                    :height (* nano-font-size 10)
                    :weight 'medium)

Using monospaced in tables

(set-face-attribute 'org-tables nil
                    :font "Hack"
                    :height 110)

Using monospaced in Source Blocks

(set-face-attribute 'org-block nil
                    :font "Hack"
                    :height 110)

Change fonts depending on the current task.

It is possible to change the font according to the current task. This code will let you select the font and other configurations according to the task you are about to do.


"Almost monospaced: the perfect fonts for writing"

"Almost monospaced fonts"

Concepts or Glossary

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Wikipedia Article

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